Laser Engraving and Etching

In addition to laser cutting, Laser Alliance LLC offers impeccable custom laser engraving, etching, and marking services on many materials.

What are the differences between engraving, etching, marking, scoring, or scribing?

Engraving: is the process when the laser removes materials partially to desired depths.

Materials which can be engraved are acrylic, wood, glass, natural stone, and many other types of plastics.

Etching (also known as marking). Laser does not remove any materials.

Laser only scratches or marks to burn the graphics on the surface. There is no depth in laser etching or marking.

We use marking chemical for bare metal surfaces. Chemical reacts with laser heat to imprint on the images on metal surface. The results will be shown as black. It’s durable and cannot be easily removed with normal use.

Scoring (also known as scribing) is the process when laser score the thin outlines of the designs.

Our sophisticated laser systems can engrave, etch and score on most materials. These processes are different but can be combined on a single part if needed.

The table size is 39″ W x 24″ H. Height: 9″

Our systems offer extra height to accommodate larger products.

We have the expertise and know-how in many different industries. Our experience is at your service.
Most projects can be completed within 2 to 4 working days with no expedite charges.

What material can be engraved?

Acrylic, anodized aluminum, Corian, hardwood, plywood, wood veneer, bamboo, Delrin, acetate, glass, granite, marble, painted metals, paper and many more

What material can be etched?

Aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, granite, marble and many more

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We will provide a price quote via email after we review your files or drawings. We cannot provide quotes over the phone.

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